UI Vision Rpa and Continuous Integration CI/CD

Hi Everyone

I’m new to automation and apologies if some of these questions sounds dumb.

As a tester I’m trying to assess if UI Vision RPA is a right tool to use for our organization.

We currently have a web based app product that we wish to automate. I’ve tried automating few test cases using UI Vision RPA. I’m very impressed with the speed with which I was able to automate these test cases by passing assertElementPresent and veifyText commands etc.

Currently, we are using tosca in our organization and in comparison UI Vision RPA feels very intuitive and easy to use.

I wish to know following from experts out there:

  1. Will we be able to integrate RPA with our repository GitLab in order to run CI/CD pipelines? If yes, then does it require lots of configuration / setup or is it relatively easy to setup for developers.
  2. RPA uses xpath to find elements on the page? Is there any downside to using xPaths when automating web pages? In comparison Tosca tool scripts we have depend on our test id attribute or class names instead of xpath.



(1) Ui.Vision has a command line interface, and this allows you to integrate it with other tools. See for example this post about integrating RPA with Jenkins. I would assume it works the same with Gitlab.

(2) Ui.Vision supports XPath as one of the ways to find elements on a web page. But it also supports test id attributes and class names.

Even if the RPA web recorder suggests an Xpath during recording, it usually also has the ID option in the selector dropdown (and if not, you could enter ID=… manually). So you can use whatever works best for the specific web page and testing requirements


Hi Plankton

Thanks for your reply.

I think the information you have give is really useful. This will give enable to have further conversation in our organization about the potential of using this tool.

I’m really excited as a tester to find a tool like RPA which allows automation of test cases at a speed.

Thanks :pray: :pray:

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