"UI Vision Kantu for chrome has crashed. click this balloon to reload the extension" Error

Hi all,

After the new update of kantu(now it’s UI.Vision) browser extension version “5.0.1”. The macros stops and throws an error from chrome on a tiny pop up on the bottom right on the screen, saying: “UI Vision Kantu for chrome has crashed. click this balloon to reload the extension”.

I have a “Personal Edition” license key purchased

UI Vision Kantu version: 5.0.1
Chrome version(latest as of the time of posting) : Version 75.0.3770.80 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Laptop’s OS: Windows 10

has anyone faced similar/same issue?

We have not seen this issue before. Can you recreate the issue, or did it happen “only” once?

Thank you for your reply, sorry for the late reply it was actually a chrome error, nothing to do with kantu automation. If anyone faced this error, try going to other websites in your chrome browser like youtube, if the “Aw Snap” error happens in other websites too, then it must be chrome error. to fix this simply uninstall chrome and install again


this issue is back, When running UI Vision (kantu). I am running some automation that runs for like 10 mins and chrome seems to crash after like 5 minutes of running automation task.
I have tried to uninstall chrome and re install again, this keeps happening.
I have purchased pro edition as well.
can you please help on this, it’s so frustrating

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