[Recreator Required] Ui Vision kantu browser automation keeps crashing after running for a while

Hi guys,
I am using UI Vision (kantu) chrome automation for running some automation task.
I keep getting the aw snap error in chrome after the automation task has run for like 5 mins. The total time it would take to run all the aumation per suite will be around 10 mins.

I am not sure if this could be because of too much chrome memory consumption?
I have tried almost every fix found on the internet for chrome’s aw snap error.

Previously when this issue happened I have also posted this in the forum ("UI Vision Kantu for chrome has crashed. click this balloon to reload the extension" Error)
I just uninstalled my chrome completely and re installed and it worked fine.
But after the latest update (5.0.8) the issue is back and reinstalling chrome is not helping

here are some of fixes i tried:

  1. adding “-no-sandbox” in google chrome’s properties
  2. deleting and clearing browser cache
  3. ofcourse re-installing chrome, adding UI vision extension again and inserting license key

This is quite frustrating, if anyone had such issue please let me know.

UI Vision Current version is the updated one: 5.0.8
Running computer: Asus notebook, windows 10.

Of course, difficult to say what is the reason for the Chrome crash. But overall, web browsers are not made for non-stop operation.

Solution: Control the web browser via a scripting language of your choice via the command line API. => See https://ui.vision/docs#247

Oh, I see that it is Kantu that is crashed, not Chrome! My workaround above is still valid. But do you have a macro that can be used to recreate the crash?

thank you @ulrich for your reply,
yes that’s right, its not chrome that is crashing, it’s the kantu UI Vision window that crashes.

The weird thing is that the same set of macros in the test suite works and runs perfectly fine on my Lenovo ideapad(RAM 8GB) running the same windows 10 as well. while the Asus vivo notebook running on windows 10 (RAM 4GB) is crashing every after 5 mins.

So I am assuming this could be the RAM and as chrome and the extension is consuming too much memory.

Just only when I try to come to conclusion that it could be because of the RAM, I ran the same set of macros in the another desktop Lenovo with only 4 GB RAM and it works fine! - - so now it’s not the RAM

then I factory reset the Asus vivo (4GB RAM) , incase it has some weird applications installed that’s running on the background and installed fresh chrome and UI vision extensions to test it and then unfortunately UI vision crashed again!

so I am really out of guess now, what could be causing this issue? even if it is hardware issue, UI vision was running perfectly fine everyday on the same Asus vivo notebook before the latest update (5.0.8)

yes I have been looking into the javacript selenium driver but it as it still depends and runs through chrome/firefox browser right? if that’s the case, then there’s no guarantee that custom made automation with selenium wouldn’t crash.

…so the same macro works on machine, but not on another?

If so, have you tried running it inside a virtual machine ( e. g. Virtual Box) on the “problem” machine?