UI Vision is working really slow when not in focus (Duplicate)

When UI Vision is in front on screen the speed is as it is set to be in the macros.
But as soon as you focus on a different window or tab the speed goes down dramatically.
I have tried this on different systems, both mac and pc (Chrome Version 86.0.4240.80), always the same result. I have used the latest version of UI.Vision RPA (5.8.8) since it came out, but the issue started this week.

I have attached a small video to make it more clear what I am talking about.
In the video I have opened the chrome-extension in a tab instead of a separate window, just to make it easier to record. Same results occurs when opening the tool the normal way in a popup-window.

Could it be something I am doing wrong, or have more people reported about this issue?

I have this same issue after acutualization chrome to 86

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