Ui vision for firefox bug Clipboard no luck update


Ui vision for firefox has a serious bug the clipboard doesn’t work. I propose to the @admin to fix only this bug because users who use the ui vision addon for firefox find the clipboard command broken.

This is a quick and easy fix and I think it should be done ASAP so as not to leave ui vision users without the clipboard command for firefox.

This is not a complete update of ui vision but a small correction of a bug that has been present for 2 years which greatly limits users who use ui vision with firefox.

Thank you

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Hi @newuserkantu - just to clarify you refer to this bug here, or?

clipboard access in Firefox

I agree that we might have to do an “inbetween” update of Ui.Vision for Firefox, while we wait for better service worker support in Firefox manifest3.


Yes I am referring to this bug on the firefox clipboard.
I had thought that a small update to fix this clipboard bug would save users who use ui vision for firefox from having to wait for the complete update of ui vision for firefox which will probably take much longer.

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I agree. A small Firefox update would be useful while we wait for the next major update.

This issue is fixed in the new Ui.Vision for Firefox V9.1.8 :slight_smile: