Trying to find somebody to work on this (can be paid)

Hi folks,

I’m a newbie without any software background, using this tool for our nonprofit. I would appreciate help automating our workflow. A little bit of context, I’m a transportation program manager for a non-profit that provides free transit passes to low-income service workers. The transit provider provides trip data in a PDF document which is searchable via a 10-digit Serial Number on the website. Imagine 100s of such documents that have to be downloaded one by one. What we would like to do is automate this workflow in order to retrieve this data in a compiled manner in Google Sheet, followed by some kind of analysis.

Question: Does anyone on this group have any idea of the scripts that can be used? I’m also open to a 1:1 paid collaboration to build this workflow.

Following is a description of the workflow. It’s a combination of steps as well as a video to avoid PII.

  1. Login to
  2. Look up the 10-digit number for which the record needs to be found. For automation, there will be 100s of such 10-digit number. A list of these records can be easily provided in a csv or a google sheet as required.
  3. The webpage has 100s of such data records (see screenshot below) in an accordion format.

I’ve captured the next steps in this screen recording: RideActivity Workflow

After the PDF (last screen of the recording) is downloaded, I’m uploading them to a Gdrive folder and then using the DocParser tool for data scraping. I have not yet found a way to automate the manual uploading process. Is this something Kantu can do?

Thanks for all your help in advance! It’s deeply appreciated!

For finding an RPA expert, maybe this helps: Hiring - Desktop Automation - #2 by Plankton

Hello, If you still havent found someone to help with this, I may be able to help. I just completed a similar project, So I think I would be able to complete it without a lot of trouble. Let me know

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Please contact us. We hope to get some help next week. Steve Raney and Kruti Ladani.