Hiring - Desktop Automation

I’m looking to hire someone that can incorporate web automation with desktop automation.

(I’ve tried freelancing websites, but I realized time is wasted since they aren’t familiar with this specific software)

This is one of many tasks that I would love to have created.

  1. Daily, at a specific time
  2. Login to a specific website. filter data and export a file
  3. Import this file into a specific Google Sheet document
  4. Append the rows, but exclude duplicates.

I have no time, but I would assume if you post a job for Kantu at Freelancer.com or Upwork you should get many candiates. I outsourced Kantu projects at Upwork in the past - with success.

If you use these portals, it is important that you mention that UI.Vision Kantu explicitly in your bid. Otherwise many freelancers try to give you a very hard to maintain Python script, so they can charge more for updates and tweaks later :wink: