Hiring - Desktop Automation

I’m looking to hire someone that can incorporate web automation with desktop automation.

(I’ve tried freelancing websites, but I realized time is wasted since they aren’t familiar with this specific software)

This is one of many tasks that I would love to have created.

  1. Daily, at a specific time
  2. Login to a specific website. filter data and export a file
  3. Import this file into a specific Google Sheet document
  4. Append the rows, but exclude duplicates.

I have no time, but I would assume if you post a job for UI.Vision at Freelancer.com or Upwork you should get many candidates. I outsourced UI.Vision projects at Upwork in the past - with success.

If you use these portals, it is important that you mention that UI.Vision RPA (Kantu) explicitly in your bid. Otherwise many freelancers try to give you a very hard to maintain Python script, so they can charge more for updates and tweaks later :wink:


did get your project done with right candidate ?

Are you possibly offering services?

Yes. It is possible. May I know the details of your project requirements ?

I have to scan some newspaper to import my database. I need to import using csv. The newspaper has the information in tables. Can you anyone create an ocr script using UI.Vision RPA (Kantu) for me that would export into csv. The newspapers already has its information in tables

See link to paper

@Plankton , this post is super-old but do you know some company or somebody that can help our company to support us in a ui.vision developtment? It can be for consultancy as well. Thanks in advance!