Triple click on a web text

Hello, as I do to give three quick clicks are enough to select a text like in the image:

if i use #doubclick i can only select the first word but if i could give three clicks i would select everything i already tried using an empty xclick (to click once) and another xclick command - #doubleclik. But it is not fast enough to select all the text.

I wait for help

thank you

Hi Alan,
Can you please explain the purpose for 3 clicks?
Do you just want to keep this text selected or want to save this text?

  1. To highlight the text by clicking 3 times, you can use something like below thrice:
    “Command”: “click”,
    “Target”: “xpath=//*[@id=“mycat-results-container”]/table/tbody/tr[2]/td[6]”,
    “Value”: “”

  2. To save this text, you can use a command like below which stores the text in the field to a csvline, which can then be saved to an output csv file:

    “Command”: “storeText”,
    “Target”: “xpath=//*[@id=“mycat-results-container”]/table/tbody/tr[2]/td[4]/dl/dd[1]”,
    “Value”: “!csvLine”

Hope it helps!


Hi Aravind_Gurumurthi, Thanks for the reply,

I need to give 3 clicks on fast speed in Xclick function.

My project is to take the information from this web page to a software by doing this in ctrl + c and ctrl + v in a specific field of my software.

Interesting! => I added triple click support to our todo list :slight_smile:

As workaround, I first thought that there is maybe a keyboard shortcut for it, but it seems there is not.

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