The operation failed because it would cause the application to exceed its storage quota

Trying to save a new macro, but can’t save, this error popup. Also, the UI is very buggy, now I can’t also import JSON macro.

“The operation failed because it would cause the application to exceed its storage quota.”

Can you please add a screencast of this? I never heard of that issue before.

Was unable to generate error until today, I think it has today with Chrome not allowing more storage for plugin

Interesting! So if you switch the macro storage mode to hard drive, the issue goes away?

yes, it wont fail, but I do not have a lot of test cases in the plugin, I have deleted all the demos in the plugin. I think there maybe bug. when this happened, I wasn’t able to save the test case successfully, then I try to close without saving , then it will prompt me if I want to discard, so when I discard, the WHOLE test case is deleted rather than keeping the old version of it, because I was doing modification not creating a new test case. This has cost me a valuable test case before that I didn’t backup, I have to rewrite again :frowning:

For anyone having this issue, you need to change the chrome extension quota to unlimited. This problem will keep coming back everytime there’s update, so it will be nice if you can add this into your app.
Edit this file

Then add “unlimitedStorage” into the permission like this

“permissions”: [

Close your chrome, must also kill the chrome task too. Then open chrome again.