[error] The operation failed because it would cause the application to exceed its storage quota

This is when i want to rune te xclick command. Is this not possible in the free version?

XClick works fine in the free version. This message is from Chrome.

It seems the same issue as described here: The operation failed because it would cause the application to exceed its storage quota

Do you always get this error? Can you recreate it?

We have not seen it in our tests (yet).

Below the link

Funny thing is this happens on a terminal session, on my local pc i dont have te issue. But it is not a flexible command.

Does anyone know how to recreate this error? We tested with 100s of macros and screenshots, and do not get this error. Is there anything special about the Chrome setup?

As a test: If you use UI Vision for Firefox on the same system, does this work ok?

I cannot open the new version on Firefox. It works in Chrome but i cannot use the xclick command. This is happening after the UI version. Therefore i dont have a problem. I have installation rights and read and write rights on the terminal server.

You can not even open the new Kantu for Firefox version??? If you do a fresh install, do you have the same issue?

Yes, i did a fresh install, even of firefox. But, remeber its on a Windows terminal environment. On my local Windows machine i dont have a problem. But this happens after the new install.

Another issue is that if the Xclick image is created in Chrome, the script cannot use the image in firefox.

I deleted my complete terminal server profile and initialized firefox and Chrome.
Now i have in Chrome running the script the folowwing error after selecting with Xclick a area and save the png and than run the script. *[error]
requested file or directory could not be found at the time an operation was processed.

In firefox i have another error running the same script after selecting a area for xclick. * [error]

Promised response from onMessage listener went out of scope

Yesterday we bought the professional edition for the xclick command, but this is verry anoying

So all works on your local machine, but still fails on the terminal server session? The challenge for us is to recreate the issue so that we can debug and fix it.

I see that you purchased the Personal Edition. If you purchase PRO or Enterprise, we can arrange a screen sharing session next week and look at this. (Of course, the Personal version will be fully refunded in that case).

For now i have Kantu running on one system with windows 10 without major issues.
The terminal will be monitored later, because i dont have time to troubleshoot this. I dont maintain this environment and the main thing is, is that i can run the scripts i made.
So for now it will be on hold.

I have provided the solution here : The operation failed because it would cause the application to exceed its storage quota

I can’t post the solution here because of this error “Body is too similar to what you recently posted” :smiley: