Starting to convert our imacros macros collection

Hi, I am glad I found UI Vision on Reddit when I was searching for an imacros alternative! I am a imacros (power) user and need to convert plenty of imacros to UIV RPA scripts over the next months. The long hanging fruits are done and the first converted uiv macros are running fine. I was able to convert them with the help of the imacros migration page. Now I have to tackle the more complex automations and could use some help.

=> Question: How can I recreate the iMacros SAVEITEM command in UIV?

SAVEITEM saves the element that is marked by the TAG command. It copies the element from the browser cache. So the element (typically a picture) is not loaded again.

Dear iMacros Customer,

We are writing to inform you that **Progress will be officially discontinuing the Progress iMacros product** with a planned **End-Of-Life (EOL) date of November 30, 2023** . You are receiving this notification because you are a Progress iMacros customer.

**What does this mean?**

Moving forward, Progress will no longer enhance the product and will only provide critical fixes as needed until the EOL date. We will honor all service agreements through the existing term, except for those contracts that go beyond the EOL date. Customers with service agreements that go beyond the EOL date will be contacted separately to discuss their options and next steps. We will continue to offer service agreement renewals that do not exceed the EOL date.

Welcome former iMacros user :slight_smile: - I used iMacros for Firefox in the past well :wink:

The UIV replacements for iMacros SAVEITEM are:


Starting with V8.3.2 Ui.Vision has its own SaveItem command. It works (I guess) similar to the iMacros SAVEITEM. It finds the image based on the XPath locator and then then “downloads” it from the browser cache.