Solution for "can only run macros when its not recording or playing"

Question from user: We are developing a solution that need to have several robots working, so we tested running two different scripts at the same time but we’ve got an error (see image below):


If you start a macro by command line, and then start a second macro by command line before the first macro is completed, you will get the “can only run macros when its not recording or playing” warning note displayed in the currently running instance.

The reason is that one browser profile can only run one instance of RPA automation at the same time. So the solution is to create a new profile for each instance that you want to run at the same time.

Solution: If you need e. g. five instances running in parallel, you would need to create five browser profiles, as described in the linked forum post.

This solution applies to web automation with web automation commands.

Technically you can also run more than one instances during desktop automation, but we do not recommend it, at least not outside some very special use cases. Because desktop automation controls the global mouse cursor and simulates real keyboard input. So having two instances of desktop automation running would be the same as having two human users work at the same computer at the same time, each moving the mouse and typing on the keyboard.

For multi-instance desktop automation we recommend to run each instance in its own virtual machine, e.g. VirtualBox. Since the RPA software runs on Linux, you can use e. g. very small Ubuntu VMs for this purpose.