selectWindow | tab=open - no progression, no error message


I’ve run in to a problem when using UI vision that I can’t seem to solve; the start of micro has the following rows:

  1. csvRead | example.csv
  2. selectWindow | tab=open |
  3. pause | 15000

The problem that I’m facing is that UI vision opens a tab to but it never progresses with the third pause line. Instead nothing happens, a “2” is shown (see image below) in the Chrome extension icon but the macro never fails or completes. The weird thing that this only happens sometimes (more often than not lately and most often this happens on iteration 2 on the second 2nd csv line) but sometimes the macro works (usually the iteration of a loop with the first csv line).


I’ve also tried to follow fgn’s recommendation with !statusOK but unfortunately I get the same result with the only difference that the number “2” changes to number “6” in the UI Vision extension icon Chrome.

Is this perhaps a bug in UI Vision of does it have anything to do with the website it loads?

I suggest you to use Open command (not selectWindow | tab=open) and continue to work in same tab

@newuserkantu, I tried using command: open | target: but nothing is launched in the browser, either in a new window or tab. It just says "Executing: | open | URL | | " in the log but nothing happens. Any idea why?

Add a video where you show the problem because I can’t understand, thanks

I think I am having this same problem. I run a command to read from a CSV file and then run an open command to open a website and it opens the website correctly but then errors out with Error #230: Page load 60 seconds time out. I think that is what the original poster is missing is the 60s timeout that I am seeing. But the main thing is that it does load the page.

The script I have only loops 70 times and some days it finishes with no issues, but some days it errors out after 10 and I can’t get it to finish at all

Also, with my script I switch the browser into developer mode about halfway through. More often than not, the script errors out after switching to developer mode, but it has had this error before switching as well just not as often.

My system is running Windows 10 and it does this in both Edge and Chrome. Extension is at 8.1.3, but it was doing this at 8.0.1 as well.