selectWindow | tab=open - no progression, no error message


I’ve run in to a problem when using UI vision that I can’t seem to solve; the start of micro has the following rows:

  1. csvRead | example.csv
  2. selectWindow | tab=open |
  3. pause | 15000

The problem that I’m facing is that UI vision opens a tab to but it never progresses with the third pause line. Instead nothing happens, a “2” is shown (see image below) in the Chrome extension icon but the macro never fails or completes. The weird thing that this only happens sometimes (more often than not lately and most often this happens on iteration 2 on the second 2nd csv line) but sometimes the macro works (usually the iteration of a loop with the first csv line).


I’ve also tried to follow fgn’s recommendation with !statusOK but unfortunately I get the same result with the only difference that the number “2” changes to number “6” in the UI Vision extension icon Chrome.

Is this perhaps a bug in UI Vision of does it have anything to do with the website it loads?

I suggest you to use Open command (not selectWindow | tab=open) and continue to work in same tab

@newuserkantu, I tried using command: open | target: but nothing is launched in the browser, either in a new window or tab. It just says "Executing: | open | URL | | " in the log but nothing happens. Any idea why?

Add a video where you show the problem because I can’t understand, thanks

@newuserkantu, I am running into this EXACT issue with the selectwindow tab=open command. The selectwindow tab=open works on the browser, but the macro just hangs there and doesn’t throw an error or timeout. The macro shows it is Running and has the Stop and Pause buttons showing in the macro.

I have left it for 3 hours and it just sits there in the running state doing nothing. There is no way to error check it, since it doesn’t ever move on even if !ERRORIGNORE is set to true.

My macro also reads from a csv and then does a selectwindow tab=open, not sure if that is related. Also, I seem to run into this only in Chrome, I run the same macro in Edge and Iron and it hasn’t failed there in the last few weeks, but Chrome has failed the last 4 days.

Waiting @admin for suggestion

Also, not sure if any of this is relevant.

This selectwindow tab=open issue only seems to happen when I run the macro from command line. I have not had it happen running from the run button, but don’t run from there very often although I have tried to recreate the error with no luck!

Also, the code where this is happening sets the !ERRORIGNORE to true and then attempts to run open and fails with errors and continues and in the error checking is where it runs the selectwindow tab=open command to open a new site to to get the macro running again. The original open command fails with no ipc errors or page load timeout errors, but the page does load as well. Once the open fails, nothing will run or open in the tab, hence why I need a new tab!

You can solve the problem by always loading the url in the same tab without changing it.
I extract the links from the pages and then load them using always the same tab.
Opening and closing tabs can cause many bugs

That doesn’t work, as soon as the open command fails on the page the macro cannot load anything on the same page. The only way to get the macro to see the browser again is the open a new tab.

Sites need to load perfectly to automate with ui vision.
When the open command doesn’t work ui vision and other software based on the same selenium language also show errors.
The weak point of ui vision is not loading a web page because it starts giving many errors.
I too have had cases where a web page has frames that load slowly and ui vision does not detect that the page is not yet loading and generates numerous errors.
Unfortunately the detection of the loading page does not work well on ui vision and also on selenium based derivatives like Katalon.
I’ve also used the WaitForPageToLoad command and it doesn’t always detect the page loading

@memnock Does this “tab open hangs” issue happen with every website or only a specific one?

I have had it happen on multiple websites.

It seems that the command was not recognized by the application: If the application you are using does not support the “Window | tab=open” command, you may not see any progression or error message. In this case, you may need to consult the application’s documentation but actually this is support’s resources to see if there is a different command you should be using.
employee internet usage software

The application (Chrome and Edge) does support the open command, since it runs fine some days and even runs the open command before it has the issue.

Oh, and it is happening in all the other browsers now too.

This problem is a ui vision bug that has been around for years, it’s been happening to me for a few years too.

To limit the problem, use the OPEN command and always work on the same tab

This bug is difficult to fix because it is not clear in which situation it occurs and therefore it is difficult to fix a bug that occurs randomly

The admin has repeatedly asked to demonstrate in which situation this problem occurs but no one has been able to demonstrate why it seems a random bug and therefore can occur suddenly

OK, so that doesn’t work as a fix. As I have said previously, I run a macro that reads from a CSV file and opens a page based on it. It does this in a single tab. Randomly, sometimes continuously, it errors out with Page load time out errors or ipc errors which I error check. If the macro errors on the page, MACRO WILL NO LONGER BE ABLE TO USE THAT TAB. The only way to have the macro continue, is to open a new tab and close the original.

So I have a macro that runs hundreds of times, has an IPC error or page load timeout error (AND THE PAGE IS ALWAYS LOADED FINE) and so it opens a new tab to continue and then randomly will just hang and do nothing until I stop/restart the macro.

I am going to try to write a new macro to send to the admins for them to run and see if they can duplicate the error.

I have been using ui vision for many years and this bug with firefox rarely occurs.
I don’t use Chrome because it is too slow and requires a lot of ram.
Unfortunately it is not understood this bug in which test case.
To fix the problem the admin needs to figure out which event generates this error and to date no one has been able to reproduce the error accurately.
It seems to me that it is a random bug.
When this occurs I close the browser and reopen it and the bug disappears.

OK, @newuserkantu and @admin I have created a macro that I can get to fail exactly this way. It includes the html file and the bat file to run them and the json and csv file. I don’t see anyway to upload it here, is there somewhere I can email it?

In the past when I’ve reported some bugs I’ve had to recreate them in the admin’s virtual machine so they can see the cause.
We await a response from the @admin ho explains how to recreate the bug