Running kantu closes automatically for forcing user to have the latest build

today while runnning Kantu scripts, it closes automatically in mid. (Just few minutes back )

When i looked in browser then it has a text (new) on its icon.

Dont know what to say but its NOT AT ALL GOOD.

Dude… read first. Then follow How to prevent Chrome extension updates? (and Firefox)

So using your words…

… to complain before reading the documentation!

Yeah, we can not prevent that Chrome extension auto-updates stop even a running extension. But just as @commensal said, the page How to prevent Chrome extension updates? (and Firefox) has several very good solutions to this issue.

I tried to just say my views but you took it in other way. Now i understood is, your Enterprise customers are not getting these kind of stuff and they are reading your documents before complaining.
Thanks anyway for your prompt reply.

i wish i could have this kind of promptness in my earlier posts too.
Thanks again.