Run multiple instances of UI Vision with xclick


Is it possible to run multiple instances of UI Vision in Chrome at the same time using xclick and xtype within macros?


The only solution is using 1 virtual machine per instance

Can not used in same pc multiple instance with Xclick (require focus on screen)

@newuserkantu is correct. Technically it works (UI Vision does not block it), but it is not recommend as the XClick/XType control the global mouse cursor and the keyboard.

See also Solution for "can only run macros when its not recording or playing" - #2 by TechSupport

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Surely it is not the best thing to do also because when you reactivate the virtual machine screen you risk conflicts with the physical pc mouse and virtual pc mouse with the possibility of errors. Xclick / Xtype require always focus on screen and focus can be 1 per machine only

you can do it with seperate chrome profiles , its documented well

Wrong, with Xclick you need focus on screen and can not run multiple browser with xclick because the focus can be only 1 per machine.

Need 1 machine fpr browser with Xclick, no other solution