RPA Pro/Enterprise license question

I want to use UI on many browsers at the same time, and they will all be on one pc. Problem is, what if I wanna use it on different browsers, like Mozilla and Chrome at the same time, or different Chrome profiles, will I have to buy the personal edition licence for each browser that is doing its tests, or just that one is enough?

It wouldn’t make sense now for me to buy many PRO UI licences or bulks if I am the only one using it on the same pc, but that happening on many browsers is what I am afraid of, because I need those XClicks.

A Personal/Pro/Enterprise license has no limits on the number of browser instances, as long as it is within one user account.

Example: If one user uses the same license key in 5 Firefox profiles and 30 Chrome profiles within one user account, this still counts only as one user.