Remove Specific Characters from stored string

I was wondering how I should go about removing a ‘/’ from a string? I tried escaping it and using some basic javascript but it didn’t work. Is there an easy option I’m not seeing?

I did escape the /.

you can use the function (example here
But it is necessary / recommended to replace the function with .
This Needs some minor modifications.

See here: Remove spaces when using OCR

How does the REGEX work in Javascript?

(/( |\n|\r)/gm, “”)

I recognize the pattern matching stuff within the group but what are the other items for? Also, what does \r do? I am familiar with the rest.

In this example the goal was to remove " ", “\r” and “\n” - so \r is just the carriage return that the script wants to remove.

If you want to remove “A” and “B” the code is

(/(A|B)/gm, “”)

You can use a simple javascript replace command
string =“I want to remove / it”;
newsting = string.replace(“/”,“”);
return newstring;