QTranslate with PRO Plan

Hello. Sorry if my eng will bad.

I use the “QTranslete” with his built-in OCR. I buy PRO Plan and entered the key in the program field. BUT - it seems to me that the key does not work, because the OCR functions “DOWN” together with the FREE OCR API server (QTranslate app says to me: No data returned.Check API status page, and only free ocr api server is down. All oter is ON). I do not understand, it (pro api key) does not work in this program or it is some other issues? I buy pro plan only for this use and if it not work - I will be very upset…
I read some topic there, but they did not use key from “pro api”.
Thanks if you can help me.

Hi, can you please post a screenshot of where you entered the PRO key? Is this a setting inside the QTranslate app?

Ah, I understand now. This is the way the QTranslate app is programmed. It always uses the free endpoint, even when you enter a PRO key.

Maybe you can contact the QTranslate developer(s)? If they want, they can contact us and we can provide them with the details of the PRO endpoint, so they can add them to their app. Then it would work as you expected. The developers can contact us at team AT ocr.space and should just mention this forum post.

I’ll try to do that. Thanks for you time for that problem of mine. If I find out something about this problem, where should I write? In new post or in this post? I don’t want to create unnecessary problems for the comfortable work of the forum.

If you can write here in this forum post, this will be great. Thank you!