Need help with OCR space, bought PRO, cannot use it

alternative title: how can i functionally use the OCR space pro API via a consumer program?

I bought a pro key for OCR space to use with Qtranslate, only to find out that Qtranslate does not work with pro keys as i cannot change the endpoint, what can i do?

The program cannot run my key through the free endpoint, and i dont know of any other programs on the planet that i can use to quickly run a OCR via a box selection.

So now im kind of screwed, i can’t use the key i bought and Qtranslate seems like a dead end

there was no indication that this would be the case given that i see lots of qtranslate support discussed here, so i kind of feel confused about this whole thing.

So my question is thus: can somone help me configure Qtranslate to actually use the proper endpoint, OR can somone point me to an alternative program that fills my needs, OR can i be given a refund for this product i literally cannot use? thanks.

it’s utterly baffling that i can use qtranslate for the free version of ocr space, but not the pro, i get that’s on qtranslate developers but is there seriously no alternative? i spent HOURS googling trying to find another program like qtranslate but i’ve come up empty, please help

a reference to another person with the same issue, QTranslate with PRO Plan - #3 by MrPeperoni


Please email us at team AT and mention this forum post. Also, please include your PRO API key. We can make some custom backend changes for you that allow you to use the PRO key with the endpoint (as used by QTranslate).

i emailed with the requested information thank you :slight_smile: