Problem with KEY_UP and #ShadowRoot

Hello everyone, I have a problem that I can’t solve at all.
As you can see in the picture, after the input field has been filled with the value via TYPE (for Width), the up arrow key on the keyboard must be pressed again OR the arrow button next to the input field. The problem is that this input field is not split and cannot really be controlled.
I have tried pretty much everything.
Type, sendKeys, various Javascript commands via sandbox - unfortunately all without success.
I don’t know how I could solve this.
Does anyone here have any ideas?

it looks like the reason is that this is inside a shadow-root element. They basically hide all the tags below and make them invisible for kantu. It took me a half year to find out how to work around this. There is a javascript you can use with the execute kantu command to navigate to those tags. that is explained here:

Hope this helps