How to navigate to Shadow-root elements with Kantu

It really took me a while to figure that out and i hope this is helpful to anyone who tries to reach elements with Kantu that are inside Shadow-root elements. So far i tested in Chrom and Edge and it worked fine.

The solution is using javascript with the kanut “execute” command.
I used the following test shadow-root website to show the solution:

With the following HTML code:


Kantu script with the .shadowRoot command:

“Command”: “executeScript”,
“Target”: “//\n//

\n\n//Works!!!\nvar test = document.querySelector(‘#shadow_host’).shadowRoot.querySelector(‘#shadow_content’).querySelector(‘.info’).innerHTML;\n//-> “some text”\nvar test = document.querySelector(‘#shadow_host’).shadowRoot.querySelector(‘#shadow_content’).innerHTML;\n//-> “<span class="info">some text”\nreturn test;”,
“Value”: “myvar”,
“Description”: “shadow dom test page”

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