Please help: Macro Automated Schedule / Email Notification on Failure

Caveat, I am a non-technical novice user… I have successfully created a Macro via the Chrome plugin (using the free version) that updates a webpage with a simple [click] process. It works great, but now I want to schedule the macro to run automatically once a day at 12:01AM. I’ve been told this is possible, but I’m looking for actual guidance on how to do this through the GUI. Additionally, I want to know if I can have an email sent in the event that the Macro is unsuccessful. Are these two things possible with the free version? Can anyone provide specific guidance? Are there any consultants that do this type of thing for a fee??

You can schedule through Task Scheduler (Windows) or Cron (Linux) using UIVision’s CLI. There are plenty of examples if you do a search on the forum.

For notification you can of course do something manually in your macro. You can also use a 3rd party notification. I’ve been using with great success (but there are many others). You just ping the URL at the end of your macro and if it doesn’t ping when it’s supposed to you can get an emailed notification.

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Thank you so much for the response… Unfortunately, I have no idea how to do the things you reference :slight_smile: I’m on a Mac so I can’t use Task Scheduler and no way I can do anything from the command line :smile:… Is there a freelance community for something like this, I’d pay for help.

You would use AppleScript:

I don’t know anything about Mac’s to help further though. Maybe someone w/ Mac experience can chime in. Also see here regarding freelancers: Hiring - Desktop Automation

i did a POC recently and using to get script setup first. using command line API to enable script running at browser level. and use batch file model to setup simple BAT file under windows to enable browser loaded and script running.

last step, use Task Scheduler to run the bat job regularly.

it is working.