Personal VS Professional Edition license question

I have started using UI vision and I think it is a wonderful tool. I am interested in purchasing the Personal license or the Professional License.
I have been given a small budget of about $100USD (when converted) to implement and introduce an RPA solution.

I apologize if this has been answered before but I would like to clarify a few points.

I have access to 5 virtual machines hosted on 1 local PC. Each VM dedicated to a different department (finance, HR, etc…).
I use Chrome and use my company provided email as my profile.
No one else in the company utilizes or develops RPA except me.

I will purchase a UI vision license and install it on the chrome browser of each of the 5 VMs. I will be the only one accessing the VM’s to execute the RPAs.

In this scenario, what is is the appropriate license to purchase given the budget constraint?

With the personal license, is it possible to install and activate the license on the Chrome browser of each of the 5 VM’s simultaneously? As stated earlier they are hosted on 1 local PC, and I will be switching between the VM’s, connecting via RDP
If IT IS possible, is it possible to execute them in parallel of each other?

Lastly, I would like to clarify the usage of each license.
Personal License VS Professional:
Is it based on the number of humans using it, or the number of devices, or VM’s, browser profiles etc…?
If one of the above, how many?

I apologize for the long post. I hope to open the company’s eyes to RPA.

Kind regards.

Hello, thanks for using our RPA software.

As for the software, the license is based not on simultaneously used installations.

(1) With one installation (PC and/or VM) you can run an unlimited number of UI Vision instances. To run several instances of UI Vision in parallel on a single machine, use a different browser or browser profile for each.

(2) The Personal and PRO license allow one installation to be active at the same time. But you can have other unused installations on backup machines, or e. g. one at work and one on the home PC.

(3) The enterprise license allows five installations to be active at the same time.

(3b) The Enterprise Player license even allows unlimited installations and unlimited active RPA instances.

So in your case I recommend to use the “browser profile” method (#1) and/or to contact sales AT and ask about a discount for the Enterprise license :wink: