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Hi everyone, I am looking to get some assistance automating chrome in Windows to do a few basic functions.
I am willing to pay someone to help perhaps half now and half on completion.
How do I get paid assistance with this technology without getting scammed.

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Hi, trust a prepared person who knows ui vision

Are you able to help yourself, in a paid fashion

You can probably learn to do it yourself if you have the time. Unless your stuff is really private, try asking the forum here how to do it. This is a good community of people when it comes to sharing knowledge about UI. And UI Vision is not difficult to learn if you have any sense of programming or logic. Also, set up and post a separate email address to the forum so people can contact you in case someone really wants to help you (like me, depending on what you want done). Then you can communicate privately. Just be careful and don’t scam the person/people trying to help you. And don’t be surprised if you get free help. Good Luck

Thanks Jab,

What I need is very basic I believe.
I am using a camera system by ubiquiti.
Basically all it is, is that when viewing the live camera feed through google chrome, it can crash after a period of time.
I am trying to automate it to restart the browser, recover and full screen the live view.
you can contact me at

I know I could figure it out, however I am time poor, and really would appreciate help.
I have recorded a macro and I believe I got quote close.
The trouble is, is that when somebody explains what to do, it may be a simple explanation to them, but I struggle to follow them.

To restart a browser you must use a batch file or powershell.

Personally i prefer batch file with a delay, ui vision can close browser but after closed can not reopen it, but before close you can run a batch file that reopen browser and ui vision.

Here documentation

You can hire a freelancer if that is what you prefer: Hiring - Desktop Automation

OK it’s an official job now in
Look up Desktop automation, Chrome, UI Vision
Happy to pay!!

The best thing is that you study ui vision and make your own macros otherwise you will have to continuously pay a programmer since macros must be continuously adapted and changed. Each version of ui vision works differently so there are continually adjustments to be made.