OCR no match found and servers down messages


I’ve been using UI Vision for three months now and I really like it. I like it so much that I am working on a pilot for a customer that will become a UI Vision user.

However, in the last week I am getting a lot of OCR errors:

  • TYPE ocr= words on the middle of the screen is failing too much
  • I am getting OCR servers down messages all the time.

It is impacting the development of the application I am working on and I am starting to doubt if it will work in production. I use OCR Online, I look at the OCR availability information on Instagram and it does not show what I am going through.

Any thoughts or situation that you could share to reassure my confidence on UI Vision would be great.

Thanks in advance

These are two separate issues, I assume:

  • TYPE ocr= words on the middle of the screen is failing too much

This seems to be an OCR recognition issue. => Can you please post an example image/screenshot where it fails? Then we can test it here.

General hint: If engine1 fails, make sure to try with engine2.

I am getting OCR servers down messages all the time.

That should not be. Next time this happens can you check the status page and see if this is an issue with our servers? Combined the OCR servers have 100% uptime, so at least one server is always available.

If this happens again, please post the exact error message in the Log tab. Since V6.06 we added more detailed OCR error logging.

Hi admin,
Thanks for the quick reply.
You are correct, these are two separate issues. The first one is with the XClick command an not XType, sorry for the mistake. Please find an atached an image of the XClick ocr = command to select the zoom after starting Nitro, like in the screenshot below. I used XClick ocr=150%, it started failing to recognize 150% and I changed the code to use the keyboard, instead.

Regarding the second issue, OCR servers down, I will follow your suggestion next time it happens.

Thanks again!

Good choice. For clicking on buttons and menu entries that do not change, using XTYPE + shortcuts or XClick + Image is faster. XClick OCR=text is the best choice when the text changes, e. g. (in this case) when you would have to click on 150% today and on 200% tomorrow, depending on the output of something else. And of course OCR is great for screen scraping to retrieve the output from an app, video or command line.

Two more general OCR hints:

Thank you for the valuable tips, Ulrich!