OCR cannot tell 5 from S


I am surprised that his became 2S RESULTS

  1. Because it is much more logical if you at all look at the context that it is supposed to be 25
  2. The quality is pretty good. This is from a 1080p screen.

I tested with the URL https://forum.ui.vision/uploads/db8324/original/2X/9/91fdbbeafb54a1fa8848c062a0f547de7ac426d5.png on the online ocr page and all works fine. Did you try with OCREngine2, too?

Are you sending this from within the RPA software? If so, is your image exactly the same as posted here in the forum? You can look at the _lastscreenshot.png image in the “Screenshots” to check this. Make sure there is enough white space around the text, adjust your pink box accordingly, if needed.

OCR test:

Thanks for the feedback. I did try OCRengine 2 and that did not work either. I will try with more space around next time. The problem solved itself. I used XPath with wildcard in stead and it worked great!!