Need ideas how to tackle clicking link on a table row after finding the right row

Is there an EASY way without having to regex through sourceSearch to locate a row in a table (html/tr/td) and click the corresponding “Change” link on that row?

The screenshot shows a bunch of rows and each one has a unique Change link. I need to be able to search for a number (displayed in third column) to find the row which is going to be the easy part (probably OCRSearch), then somehow click the Change link on that particular row. It’s like I need a relative click (on the right) from the location where it finds the number, however, the length of values in the third column are all different anyway which makes a relative click hard. I don’t think I can use XClickRelative since it relies on an static (non-changing) image or even if it supports OCR, how would I know the horizontal distance to the Change link to click it?

Any ideas are much appreciated. Thank you.

With xpath axes you can do this.

These special xpath can not recorded by ui vision

Here more info