Missed clicks on login button?

Hello. I am trying to automate some website admin panel stuff. In short, each time i am setting up the Ui Vision macros for a mission, and apply it to around 250 different web panels in a loop of 250. And any mistakes take more time than doing it manually. Lets say if I do the stuff by hand, it will take 10 minutes for each panel. But with macros, around 3 minutes is enough. But if any mistake occurs, it takes me more than 15 minutes to fix. So, lets say uneasy stuff to undo :slight_smile:

Here’s some miss-clicks i have:
Example admin panel: http://cujd.recipehouse.net/admin/login.php
Here i manage the Ui.Vision to write username, write password, than click on " giriş yap " (which means login )

The problem is, around every 20 to 25 web panel, it misses one click.
In short :
1- writes username (done)
2- writes password (done)
3- clicks login (done)
4- trying to click login again

After the macro clicks on login, panel/menu opens, and needs to do the rest of the macro.
But it doesnt realize that it has already clicked on the login, and still tries to do the same line, but hey, once clicked, page changes, and theres no more login button to click.
So macro stops here.

After I set up the settings, it can wait a litte and nothing happens, than it continues with the rest of the loop…

But how could it be possible that, it clickes succesfully, but it believes it didnt click, so still trying to click?

How to fix it?

Maybe some if/else commands, but i am not that good at Ui.Vision yet.

I need some “serious” if/else tutorials or example codes on that…

Besides, any suggestions?

My codes:

“Command”: “type”,
“Target”: “name=admin_username”,
“Value”: “admin”
“Command”: “type”,
“Target”: “name=admin_pass”,
“Value”: “password”
“Command”: “clickAndWait”,
“Target”: “name=login”,
“Value”: “”

Maybe another command then clickAndWait?

If button do not change the macro working always.

Your url do not load i can not try.

Try to add pause command in every command and remove clickAndWait and use click.

Button never changes. All admin panels are the same script same server same coding.
All copied from each other so same version.

Probably an error exists by the server side, i cannot open either. I will try again
Pause command will cause too much time loss :frowning:

This is not a bug of ui vision that working well in every login.

Nothing to do.

I already create hundred of macros to make login and signup and working well always.

Do you have any idea, what could be causing this?
My web server is down right now. When it’s back online, can you help me for example using a remote desktop client like anydesk?

If you explain the problem well and attach me the error logs of ui vision I try to help you but I need the logs and to see the page to automate in order to do tests