Missed clicks - different version ( text box )

Just like my other topic, the reverse is happening time to time.
Other topic to see as a summary : Missed clicks on login button?

I have some textboxes inside the admin panel. Imagine it like wordpress. Title and post content to publish texts.

Somehow, Ui.Vision can’t detect my post content textbox, and the solution i found was that :
In the text editor, there is a button to change from view/write mode to the “source” mode.
So the text you’ve written in view/write mode is shown as html codes in a textbox here.

If i make Ui.Vision macro to click on “source mode” button first,
it can find the textbox and paste the text inside.
Otherwise, it fails, doesn’t find the text box and cannot write.

So the problem is,
Just the opposite of the first topic of mine,
It doesn’t click on the “source button” but it believes it has clicked,
So it tries to keep continuing from the next line.
But it fails. Because it didn’t click on source button,
it just stops as long as the timeout time, and stops or continues with next loop.

Each time i need this, i make it loop for around 100 times.
And because I use .csv , i can not stop, fix and make it continue, because then the loop must be started from the beginning, not where it failed. (needs to read csv again and it is the beginning)

The “source button” is two-way button. If you click once, youre in source mode. If you click twice, youre not in source mode.
So, i cannot do a two times guarantee click.

How should I fix it?
Maybe a if/else command?
But again, I’m not so well on proggramming.
Need a though example or tutorial…

My codes :

“Command”: “click”,
“Target”: “id=cke_33_label”,
“Value”: “”
“Command”: “click”,
“Target”: “xpath=//*[@id=“cke_1_contents”]/textarea”,
“Value”: “”

cke_33 is the source button.


Try Xclick with an alternative xpath (a generic non dynamic xpath) and you solve your problem.

Hello. Can you give me an explanation/example?
Is it a solution for not clicking id33 problem or is it to find the textbox?

Post url page and i show you all different xpath alternative

every element have more xpath, some can be dynamic some can be fixed and more easy to detect.

I already automated similar button in wordpress without any problem (wordpress create article).

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Thanks. When my web server is back up and working again, i will send you details

Hello. I can’t send you direct(private) message. Here, i can not post login details.

Can you maybe add me on skype?

the photo with big moustache.


I am sick of it. %90 of the times it is working. but %10 is enough to confuse everything.

Not working error log :

2020-03-20T23:54:56.957Z - [echo] spring break makale eklendi
2020-03-20T23:54:57.268Z - [info] Executing: | comment | click // id=cke_33_label | |
2020-03-20T23:54:57.583Z - [info] Executing: | comment | click // xpath=//[@id=“cke_1_contents”]/textarea | |
2020-03-20T23:54:57.897Z - [info] Executing: | comment | click // xpath=//
[@id=“cke_1_contents”]/textarea | |
2020-03-20T23:54:58.215Z - [info] Executing: | comment | type // xpath=//*[@id=“cke_1_contents”]/textarea | ${!COL13} |
2020-03-20T23:54:58.534Z - [info] Executing: | comment | clickAndWait // name=makaleEkle | |
2020-03-20T23:54:58.852Z - [info] Executing: | clickAndWait | linkText=Hesap Ekle | |
2020-03-20T23:55:01.272Z - [info] Executing: | clickAndWait | linkText=Board Ekle | |
2020-03-20T23:56:06.625Z - [error][ignored] timeout reached when looking for element ‘linkText=Board Ekle’
2020-03-20T23:56:06.938Z - [status] Current loop: 8

working (next loop) :

2020-03-20T23:58:15.904Z - [echo] spring break makale eklendi
2020-03-20T23:58:16.215Z - [info] Executing: | comment | click // id=cke_33_label | |
2020-03-20T23:58:16.528Z - [info] Executing: | comment | click // xpath=//*[@id=“cke_1_contents”]/textarea | |

2020-03-20T23:58:16.845Z - [info] Executing: | comment | click // xpath=//*[@id=“cke_1_contents”]/textarea | |

2020-03-20T23:58:17.162Z - [info] Executing: | comment | type // xpath=//*[@id=“cke_1_contents”]/textarea | ${!COL13} |

2020-03-20T23:58:17.481Z - [info] Executing: | comment | clickAndWait // name=makaleEkle | |
2020-03-20T23:58:17.806Z - [info] Executing: | clickAndWait | linkText=Hesap Ekle | |
2020-03-20T23:58:20.216Z - [info] Executing: | clickAndWait | linkText=Board Ekle | |
2020-03-20T23:58:22.602Z - [info] Executing: | clickAndWait | linkText=Makale Ekle@POS=3 | |
2020-03-20T23:58:24.976Z - [info] Executing: | pause | 100 | |
2020-03-20T23:58:25.400Z - [info] Executing: | click | xpath=//[@id=“cke_33_label”] | |
2020-03-20T23:58:25.769Z - [info] Executing: | pause | 100 | |
2020-03-20T23:58:26.186Z - [info] Executing: | type | xpath=//
[@id=“cke_1_contents”]/textarea | {mak3} | 2020-03-20T23:58:30.050Z - [info] Executing: | clickAndWait | name=makaleEkle | | 2020-03-20T23:58:40.468Z - [info] Executing: | echo | {board3} makale eklendi | red |

Add long pause command.

Pause 1000 is 1 seconds only add at least pause 20000 (20 seconds)

I suggest not use clickAndWait but must use click with pause 20000 is more secure.


20 seconds?
there are more than 50 commands like this.
1 loop takes 4 minutes
if I pause 20seconds on each button click… wow…1000 more seconds… 16 more minutes…
and there are more than 100 loops

Most errors in loops are caused by slow loading of page, for this reason I recommend adding long pauses, it makes no sense to create a macro that loops so long you will always have problems.

Create a macro that runs 10 loops, then closes the browser and reopens and continues otherwise you will always have problems.

Never create loops with hundreds of cases it is very easy that you will always have problems.

The macro as you did it will always give you problems because it is bad setting hundreds of loops, you will always have problems (freeze, crash, miscellaneous errors).

Tu reduce time install 100 different firefox portable and you run, 100 macro simultably with a batch file (need only 1 click) and run 100 different firefox portable with macro it’s much more than the best you’re trying.

Remember short code macro have high successful possibility.