Looping in CLI to bypass setProxy limit

I’m unable to figure out code for the following work flow.

  1. get data from csv file and set csvLineNumber to x
  2. csvRead - to read data from column x
  3. set csvLineNumber to x+1
  4. save csvLineNumber in certain csv file

I cannot use !TIMES to loop because it loops within one run, thereby reaching limit of setproxy command in free version.

Your question had a good timing. => In Ui.Vision V9.1.9 and higher setProxy has no limits :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply. However, the new version has led to an altogether different error.

[Line 3] Using webRequest.addListener with the blocking option requires the ‘webRequestBlocking’ permission.

Do you know might be solution to mitigate that?

Hi, do you get this error in Chrome, Edge or Firefox?

I am using UI Vision with Firefox

I confirmed that this is an issue in Firefox since the new manifest V3 upgrade. => We are looking into it.

SetProxy works fine with Chrome and Edge.