Looking for UI Vision paid Training


I’m in the middle of selection between 2 tools, UI Vision and one another.
I have 2 concerns to select UI Vision.

if it can work on 2 tabs at the same time?
If there is any one who can give Paid training for this tool to master it? If yes, what are the charges?

if it can work on 2 tabs at the same time?
No ui vision works in one tab but you can swith to multiple tabs but not in same time.

To use it in same tabs you must run 2 instance of browser with ui vision (one per every tab)

If there is any person who gives training for UI vision? If I should be a coder/developer to run it?

I’ve seen recorder on it but it is not performing the things exactly how I’m looking it to do.

To know ui vision need time and try and retry.

See the macro demo to know the codes after you can use similar code to your work.

I don’t want to spend my time in trial and error, That’s why I am looking for Paid Training who can save my time and can bring me on right track.
Anyway. I’ve found a trainer of other tool and I’ll leave UI Vision for now.
Thanks for your replies buddy.

Without time and work you’ll only lose money, i study from 1 year ui vision, after 10 years of imacros.

After 1 year of ui vision I can automate almost everything but i read and study demo macro code.

If you are capable to automate almost everything than send me your Skype. I would like to discuss with you.

I can confirm that @newuserkantu knows lot about UI Vision :wink:

Another good source for UI Vision RPA custom development and training is to ask on Freelancer or Upwork: Can I hire a pro Kantu User to Help Me with Something?! - #6 by pleabargain

if it can work on 2 tabs at the same time?

There is no tool that can work on two tabs at the same time, but as @newuserkantu already said, you can use selectWindow to switch between two tabs.

Or you run two or more instances of UI.Vision at the same time by using browser profiles.

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ui vision is a powerful software much more powerful than imacros that was limited as commands and you have to resort to the javascript macro to have some functions but to automate often you need to study and try various codes, automating is a hard and slow first you have to figure out what is the best and fastest way to do one thing and then check with which commands to accomplish this thing.

Ui vision has the advantage that if you can’t with web automation it can correct keyboard simulation (xmodules) or image automation, usually combining all this mode of can automate everything, unlike only with the web automation mode (katalon recorder or selenium ide) can happen cases of impossible automations.

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