Log in, Log out, Sign In another account

I want to log in and mark all mails as read then log out and log in to another account and do same. How do I do that at the log in part in UI Vision?
Please help…

What is the problem?

Create a macro to login

Docs here

As @newuserkantu said. You can record the login sequence and then replay it. It should work fine. But if not, please post your macro and we can test it.

Thanks for replying but say I have 500+ emails to go through… how do I do that?
I have the e-mails and passwords in a CSV file.

You could loop your macro.
If it might be too complicated for you, you can also get someone to do it for you: Hiring - Desktop Automation

Google have some ajax forms (can’t record these) and it’s hard to create good automation, you need a professional coder that work for you and require time.

Warning, google ban you if you login in multiple email need proxy elite.