Less features and more fixing bug and improve performance

Its nice to have new and exciting features, but is not so nice when you cant use them because you cant not load your scripts because a bug avoid you to read from disk, or you manage to load and run but after a few hours you brand new core i7 runs like a 386 loaded with spyware and bloatware and browser bars.

I suggest in the new versions of kantu/rpa dont add any new features and focus on removing bugs and improve performance.

This is the worst, kantu is extreme slow, and im not talking about the slowdown after running a few hours, its slow from the beggining, i dont know if is the javascript engine, or what, but a simple if takes seconds, every execute script sandbox takes seconds, every data read from web is slow, everything is slow, it should be instant but not, i use kantu mainly to get data from some webs and i must read a alist fo names and stores into csv, well every instacnce of the names list is like css path/name/id where id is a number from 1 to 500 , so a loop counter shoukld get the data in no time but it takes almost and hour and i have optimized mmy code to the max, i did a test and i can copy the names by hand in the time kantu has only copied 200, and im not so fast typing.

This is the worst, kantu is extreme slow,

We are happy to fix any issues that we can recreate. If you think Kantu is slow for some tasks, please post a test macro and we will debug it and optimize it.

Slowness was probably related to having many macros and CSV files. As of V5.3.17 this issue is solved.

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