Launching Kantu from Command Line on a Mac


I am trying to launch a test from the command line on a Mac. It runs, but it isnt using the parameter values. Do you have a working example? This is what I’m currently trying:

mac:~ open “file:////Users/shunt/Kantu/Smoke_Test.html?direct=1&close=1&savelog=log1.txt”



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Does this command line work?

open -a "Google Chrome" "file:////Users/shunt/Kantu/Smoke_Test.html?direct=1&close=1&savelog=log1.txt"

If not: Are you using Kantu for Chrome or Firefox?

No, that command has the same issue. It opens Chrome and runs the script, but the parameters are being ignored, so no log file is created and the warning popup is being displayed. I’ve also tried it with the DemoAutofill demo script and have the same issue.

I’m using Kantu for Chrome.


On a Mac, open just handles files, it doesn’t know about GET parameters. So the AppleScript approach is the way to go here:

osascript -e 'tell application "Google Chrome" to 
    open location "file:///Users/t/uivision/demoautofill.html?direct=1&closeBrowser=1&savelog=demotestlog.txt"'

(1) In command line:

(2) In applescript:

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I have success on OSX using this command to run Chrome from the Applications directory, it accepts the query args for me when run this way

/Applications/Google\\ Chrome ‘file:///Users/hminsky/Downloads/wikipediatesla.html?direct=1&continueInLastUsedTab=1&savelog=kantu-log.txt’