IDE echo view filter

Is there an option to filter out status messages and only see echo messages in the RPA editor - when running a script ?

What about the “Echo” setting?

it show both echo and status lines

Right now Echo includes the Status info, too.

I see that this feature was requested in the past, too: Kantu Logs - show [echo] only

=> I will re-add it to our todo list.

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thanks, it is very chatty , especially if you use the run to run other scripts…
I would love to see echo only, echo + errors
maybe it should be a checkbox menu , where you select what you want to see - echo, errors, status, etc VS some combination that developer decided for you

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In the meantime you can export the log in txt and filter with a script

Added with V6.1.1


Hi admin you can better explain what “echo and status” and “echo and report” means thanks

  • All: Show everything
  • Echo: Show only ECHO output
  • Echo & Status: Show echo plus [Status] messages plus test suites reports
  • Error & Status: Show only error messages plus test suites reports
  • No log: No display (if you use this, consider the even faster nodisplay !replayspeed setting)

The log file setting does currently not influence the hard drive mode log file in We might change that with the next update, so that the same settings also applies the hard drive log.

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Thanks for the answer.

I suggest that always keep all logs saved in the hard disk so that if you start a macro without log (for the speed) you always have a way to check for any errors (in the log saved on the hard disk) instead if you start a macro without log for the max speed and nothing is saved in the log in the hard disk it becomes impossible to check for any errors. in my opinion ui vision logs are one thing the logs saved on the hard disk are a different thing

Ok, thanks for the feedback. That makes good sense.