How to use this platform

I’ve been automating the use of web pages with the help of the webbrowser control implemented by Microsoft which basically gives me a reference to an internet explorer (IE) object from which I gain access to and manipulate the DOM of the page. But IE is losing favor to many developers and pages that lead perfectly in Chrome, more and more can’t load in IE so I’m on the hunt for a similar functionality with other respected browsers. Is it possible to achieve same with chrome and if so, how do I get started? I use visual basic as my programming interface

Hi, some tips from me to get started:

  • You can record the web automation macros directly from inside UI.Vision
  • Recording works well for basic websites, but in complex cases the macro will need manual tweaking.
  • In addition to classic web automation, UIVision RPA also has computer vision based visual UI automation with the XClick and XMove commands.

Visual Basic integration:

  • You can use the command line API to call Uivsion macros from VB and VBA.
  • You can call VB exe files from within your macros with the XRun command. With XRunAndWait you can also return an exit code from VB to Uivision.
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Thank you. I have never used UI Vision before so I don’t currently know how to get started with it. I assume it takes installing a program. Is it a part of google or just a tool to control browsers? Please give me some guidelines on how to get started, how to get my computer ready for using it, and maybe a link to the sections of it that apply to webpage automation

From the main page you can link to the extension to d/l as well as the docs. The forum search will also surface just about anything you encounter.

Is it possible to:

  1. Call UI Vision scripts from VBA Editor,
  2. Or to export UI vision scripts to VBA syntax,

Would be good to directly feed selections from excel into the UI Vision tool without having to export CSVs on a regular basis.