How to stop Kantu update for Chrome

Hi, guys.

Please stop update Kantu in chrome automatically or do it by weekends becouse on update done my macros stops.

You can disable extension updates in Firefox (all UI Vision Editions) and in Chrome (Enterprise Edition). For details, see here: How to prevent Chrome extension updates? (and Firefox) - #2 by admin

We can not schedule the updates for a specific day or time, because we depend on the Chrome store team to review and approve it. In the case of V5.0, we uploaded the new version on Sunday, but it was only approved on Monday.

Could you please keep me informed by email when you uploading the new version, so that to be prepared for approve in advance.

The same problem with update today, Kantu has updated and test failed, no any notifications was received to be informed in advance. Could you plz to add embedded into Kantu notification to send email every time by upload new version to google store?