How to save the website link in the current tab?


I am confused with a few tags. I want to save a URL link in the current tab in a text file on the desktop.

Example: in the “File.txt”.

“Command”: “open”,
“Target”: “”,
“Value”: “”

Do you want to save the HTML source code or a screenshot?

Source code.

If I open the “File.txt” then there must be in it.

You can save in csv not in txt file must use csvsave command

The reason I posted my code here is because I was confused. Now you are directing me to official link?

I posted the officially url to read the command to solve your problem

You really are “new”.

No i use 10 years imacros and now i use ui visioin rpa from 1 year

Yeah, I just figured out.

It is as @newuserkantu says, use csvSave to save the file. Now, to get the HTML code use sourceExtract: sourceExtract HTML mode

  • sourceExtract |<html*</html>| !csvline
  • csvSave | yourHTMLpage.csv

csvSave saves whatever is in !csvline. The only issue is that the HTML file has now a .csv extension, but that is of course no problem.

Another option:
Use XType to send the CTRL+S and then ENTER keystrokes. This triggers the browser save page dialog.

To detect current url in tab i use this code

“Command”: “executeScript”,
“Target”: “return (window.location.href)”,
“Value”: “executeScript_Sandbox_result”

After it will be saved in variable and i can use it, save in csv, or manipulate it.