How to Download an Image?

I couldn’t find information on how to download an image from a web page using either its href or src. Is this possible?

I’m using Kantu 3.1.8 for Chrome. Below are two scenarios where I’m trying download an image.

<a id="i_xl_imageFile" href="/shared-products/greenlee-tool-tone-probe-generators-701k_xl.jpg" target="_blank">ORIGINAL</a>

Clicking the link above just opens the image in a new window - I need to download it.

<img id="i_alt1_imageFile" src="/shared-products/greenlee-tool-tone--probe-generators-701k_alt1_sm.png" style="border-width:1px;border-style:solid;" />

You can record a CLICK on the image to get the right locator, and then, after recording, replace the CLICK command with storeImage.

Technically storeimage does not download the image, but takes a screenshot of it. But for most cases that should be the same, or is even better (e. g. on sites that block image downloads or captcha images).

You can “download” the image screenshot from inside the Kantu “Screenshot” tab to your hard drive with a second command: LocalStorageExport

StoreImage | locator | screenshotname.png
LocalStorageExport | screenshotname.png

Thanks for the reply. I had tried this, however I need the full resolution image which is typically 1000px x 1000px. The images displayed are scaled down with css so a screenshot is too small. I’m using Kantu to automate moving my product listings from one selling channel to another. I own all the content so there are no issues with download blockers or captcha.

I’m trying to migrate from iMacros and so far liking Kantu. However, I havn’t been able to automate image downloads yet.

If this feature doesn’t exist is it on the roadmap?

Hi, unfortunately Kantu has no image download command yet - but it is on our to-do list for the near future.

Hi @admin,

are there any news on an image download command yet?

Thanks for your help.


Could someone point me in the direction on how to download images from a website?

Would it be possible to trigger the download via a js script?

Thank you for your help.

This can be done meanwhile, see here: Automate “Image Save As”

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A new solution is SaveItem: saveItem - Selenium IDE Commands Tutorial - it retrieves the original image from the browser cache. This means the image keeps the original resolution and file extension (= image format).

I cannot see the command in version 8.2.7

The SaveItem command will be available with V8.3.2 - we already submitted this version to the Chrome store, and it should be available within 1-2 days.

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tab switching bug is also fixed?