How get Kantu to work with dynamic ID's


I have a large ember.js web site and need to produce tests quickly using kantu. Unfortunately when playing back my recordings they fail because ember.js use of dynamic id’s. How can I fix the issue?

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I had the same issue, but the FAQ answers it:

How to click a button with a changing ID (partial ID match)?

On some websites the ID of a button (or an element in general) is changing between different page loads (dynamic ID). This means the test case macro will fail at replay as the button has a new ID after each page refresh.

Solution: Typically some part of the ID remains constant e. g. post-123456 and post-555555. We can use XPath’s starts-with or contains functions to search just for the stable part of the ID. So the selector will be something like this: //*[contains(@id, ‘post-’)].

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