Help Needed with Google Maps Batch

Hello there! I urgently need help with a rather simple task.

My goal is to open ton of google maps places and tag them to my “Starred” list.

I need to do this with 1679 places. Their URL’s are in one CSV file, A1 column, one per row.

So I need a script that loops through the CSV, opens each URL, clicks on “Save” and then on “Starred Places”.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Best Wishes

So I need a script that loops through the CSV, opens each URL…

See the DemoReadCSV macro that ships with the RPA software for how to import the URLs.

…,clicks on “Save” and then on “Starred Places”.

For this I highly recommend visual automation with XCLICK:

  • XClick | image of save icon
  • XClick | starred

Classic Selenium IDE-style automation with CLICK is very cumbersome for Google maps and almost impossible. Visual automation testing runs a bit slower, but is easy to do.

Hey there,

still struggling to do it. What exactly do I need to run for this to work? I installed XClick and I have the csv with all the links for places in one column.

Where are you stuck? Do you already have the loop to read the URLs from the file?

Another option is always to outsource this work to e. g. - a script like that should be only 1-2 hours for someone who knows!