Having trouble automating apollo.io


Im currently trying to automate a very repetitive task on apollo.io, but Im having trouble with a dropdown list, can’t make it click it:

I can either click the full dropdown or just the arrow but neither works:


Your xpath is not good and stable, use external tools to detect a generic xpath there are more xpah finder free in Chrome Store

actually im using a chrome extension to get the path, the problem is thatn whenever the click is executed, the ptah changes, and its clicking somewhere else…Is there a way to solve that?

Each web element has many different xpaths you need to find a good xpath which is recognized even when the page changes

These are for example the forum profile image xpaths and as you can see they can be detected in numerous ways some do not change and remain fixed even when the image changes


As alternative to finding the right xpath, you can use the visual XClick command:

  • XClick | down arrow

Here’s a video on Automating Outreach with Apollo Plays that might be helpful. Honestly Apollo at times can be a bit buggy if you have been crunching a lot of data. I also find if you log out and back in/refresh some of those issues disappear.