Getting multiple error messages Error Ignored


I’m running my testcases using a loop with multiple modules in between

I’m getting the error messages as attached in the screenshot. This is highly disturbing and I’m not able to figure out the reason . Please help @admin/@newuserkantu/@Plankton

Wow, this looks strange. Can you tell us how to recreate this issue?

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Well, I’m using many embedded macros inside a you could say main macro…
If i use error ignore false , it doesnt seem to work…

I’ll try to post some pseudo code…

Also onerror go to doesnt seem to work

I have this error in the past when i used run commando to share variable in different macro runned together via run command.

With kantu now i do not use run command because give more errors.

I guess it comes when an error is ignored and I manually stop the test case

store | true | !errorignore

works i use this command without any problem.

I actually want it to fail to go to a label which will log out the user

Use this command

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I have a main macro in which I have many sub macros , so would it be okay to define gotoif once at the starting of main macro?

Hi @admin

I also keep getting this issue


macro ‘Vehicles’ timeout 100037s (change the value in the settings if needed)


In the past i have the same problem i report it (run command is bugged) but after some months nothing was solved.

DO NOT USE run command is the solution and create macro simply because Kantu is instable and usually can freeze o give errors.

Hi @admin could you please solve the timeout error ? Please. Thanks a lot.

I have the same problem I stored a timeout long (99999999999999) and the problem remain it’s caused from run command

If you do not use run command rimeout will be count correctly.

okay @newuserkantu I wont use it

In my test when i shared variable with run command i have this problem.

If you use simple macro without variables run command works

If support solved is better, run command is good feature.

To bypass i use testsuite it’s similar run command.

I have a folder with single macros and i run it one after one (similar run command)

Folder example

Here more info

I run testsuite and run one after one, with initial number i order the macro order to run.

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Okay , but I need Global Variables for mapping :frowning:

Shore variable with global and it will be stored in kantu, it will be deleted only when you close browser

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