Fetching real time data from different tabs?

A macro I’m building is going to need to fetch various real time data points from a couple of different sites which I need to use in a form, the variable will be changing from second to second so I can’t store the values from the sites I need and then load the form as by the time the page loads the values it would have stored will already be inaccurate.

Form is to buy and sell and which one is picked will depend on 3-4 different variables, but to simplify if value of X is above 50% Sell and below 50% Buy, and ideally the form would be filled out and then the macro would hold until it had the final data point before choosing between buy and sell

Hopefully that makes sense

But I can’t figure out how to make UI vision read data from a secondary tab without actually changing the tab or loading a new page which totally defeats the purpose.


UI Vision can only work on one browser tab at once. But you can have several browsers open and run macro in these in parallel. To do this, use different browser (e. g. Firefox, Chrome, Edge) and/or use browser profiles.

See these posts:

Thanks Do you mean separate macro instances one for each browser, or one macro working across multiple browsers?

Hello sir
Can you Please answer this question

Both :slight_smile:

  • you can use the same macro in different browsers

  • If you use the same browser, you need to use a different profile for each instance of the browser