Export macro to .side Selenium IDE format

From a user:

Hello there, I’m trying to find a way to run Ui.Vision.RPA JSON exports with selenium grid. My grid is already working with chrome +firefox+ safari + edge drivers. I can give it .js or .side. Your
recording tool is really better working than selenium IDE but painful to run massive numbers tests on multiple browser environment at the same time. Is there any way to export/convert the RPA JSON export to .side ? (as it’s possible in the reverse way) or a way to run RPA JSON with
selenium, it seems you already do that when we’re running “Play Macro” action (the source code is JSON and you run a modified selenium…)

Thanks for your help

Exporting to the native Selenium IDE .side format is not yet possible, but I posted your request here in our feature suggestion section, so it is on our todo list now :wink:

What you can already do now is to run UI Vision macros via the command line - this works great for RPA automation and functional test automation, but is not compatible with selenium grid.