Run Macros made by UI Vision RPA just like Selenium IDE by selenium-side-runner?

(We received this via email, but the email has a typo, so I am posting this here)

From a user: Is there any solution to run Macros made on Kantu, just like Selenium IDE by selenium-side-runner?

I am doing a pipeline process on AWS, I have an application in “Angular” that after doing the build, runs the unit tests, Run SonarQube, publish to AWS Cloud Front. I need to run all the interface tests I did with Kantu with a command line, and I don’t know how to do it, because through selenium I was running selenium-side-runner.

I did not continue with selenium because it does not work anymore to record a screen image. I even used the Applitools but it has another purpose.

Yes, UI Vision can do this :grin:

UI Vision RPA has a command line interface, which serves the same purpose as Selenium IDE Runner for the selenium IDE: