Export a log file at the end of a macro, regardless of error or completion

Hi everyone,

Trying to have UI Vision export some sort of log file regardless of whether or not the script finishes or errors at some point. Even a screenshot of the actions would suffice. I’m basically trying to automate scripts that run commands on my website and then tells me whether or not they succeeded in the end.

My ultimate goal is to schedule these macros to run at night and then I check in the morning to see what worked and what didnt. How can I go about doing this?

I appreciate your assistance in this issue!!


UI Vision has several logging options:

  1. Hard-drive log file (one log file per UI Vision start)

  2. Save the log (as seen in Log Tab) from inside the macro with LocalStorageExport | log

  3. Set a new log file for each macro run with -savelog command line switch

  4. Not a log file, but for checking results screenshot are also useful:
    a. take browser screenshot
    b. take desktop screenshot

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This is definitely helpful. However I’m wondering how I can go about say, exporting a log file or screenshot if the macro errors. If my macro encounters an error, it will halt at that step and not make it to the LocalStorageExport or screenshots for example. How can I have it run through and take a screenshot regardless if the actions succeed or fail?

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You can use the OnError command in your macro

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What do you need the log for, I automate all sites and I never use the log, if you really need it you can create it yourself by saving in the csv the information you need but the log does not have any utility, if you create well-made automations they always work well.

I usually create a custom log and save it in the csv and it brings back the data used in the forms.

I would like to create a series of automations that test parts of certain websites and report back the results. Ultimately I would like to schedule these to happen overnight so that I can check the logs in the morning. I’m basically trying to set up automated tests so if something breaks on our sites, I will be informed that morning.

Is this not the correct way to do this? Is there a better way you can think of to keep tabs on our websites?

Thank you!


In your case the solution is very simple, change to hard drive mode (need xmodules), and all logs will be saved in your hard drive, the next morning read the file in your hard disk with logs and you will find all the errors, you do not need anything else.

Hmm I see what you mean. That does appear to give me what I want.

My only worry now is that I need to make many macros and using the local hard drive only allows for 20 macros. I can easily see myself going over this number. How could I go about exporting this exact log using the web browser mode? I attempted to earlier using LocalStorageExport but got an error saying it couldnt find the file?



If I remember correctly all the logs are saved in the same files with the date so you will find all the logs saved in a unique file in the log folder in your hard disk.

With the free plan you can only use 10 macros saved on the hard drive but you can save unlimited logs.

I do not advise you to save macros in the browser (as you do now) because it is easy that they can also damage performance are lower, html5 space in the browser is reduced and can be altered by plugins installed in the browser it is much safer to use macros saved in the hard disk with xmodules.

I see. I can not just save the log file, move it somewhere else, and then delete the log files? Not quite sure I understand the issue you’re describing. Alternatively saving out screenshots that show what ultimately happened during the script would suffice too. I’m not sure I understand the risk involved?



It would probably be beneficial to upgrade the license as it’s just a one-time purchase and not recurring like many would think


Hmmm. I just might do this. However I already own the Personal version. Would it be possible to upgrade my license? The idea of paying out 100 and then paying 200 is just hard to swallow. Not sure if they offer upgrades or not?

This question would be for @admin

@Aaron_Legel You can upgrade from Personal to PRO by just paying the difference in price plus a small processing fee. Here is the link for it: