Hard Drive logs while Running UIV macros in a multi threading manner

I am running multiple macros in a multi threading manner.
The Hard Drive logs, has following name format “log-20221010-160647.txt”
As a result, for multiple macros the information written into the same Hard Drive log.
That renders log un-searchable and useless.

Is it possible to have a log name to have a milliseconds (e.g. “log-20221010-160647731Z.txt”) to insure that each macro have separate log


Very good point, I added it to our todo list!

Any EFT (Estimated Fix time) on a fix?

Two questions:

  • Do you use a different chrome profile for each instance?
  • Do you use the command line to start the instances?

Running UIV from Python script, multi threaded manner.
Each thread opens a separate Profile in a browser

Ok, that is what I assumed. => Then the best solution seem to be if we allow you to send a prefix for the log file via command line e. g &logprefix=profile1 or &logprefix=test2, then the log file names would be e. g.

  • profile1_log-20221019171258.txt and
  • test2_log-20221019171133.txt

This allows you to easily see which log files belong to which profile.

That will be perfect.
Also, the Milliseconds at the end will work
e.g. log-yyyymmdd-hhmmssT000