Error #180: No connection to browser tab

Hi, sometimes when I start my macros by command line, I have the following error:


It happens before any command is executed, the log has only this single line. This is an issue that do not always happen, but I have a macro which executes each few minutes and this always start a cascade of errors at some point.

I would like to understand the logic behind it.


If this happens, is there a website loaded in the browser tab? The error means that UIVision can somehow not talk to the website. It happens for example if a non-website is in the tab, e. g. the start page.

Hi Ulrich,

Yes, I keep always 6 tabs with loaded websites open, and the macro will execute some actions on them. I run it each 5 minutes using the windows scheduler. It takes a bit more than a minute to finish the execution. For example, right now it was going fine for more than one hour, until I finally got a different error than before, right at the beginning of the macro:


Any idea?


How does this setup work. Is the browser always open? Maybe you can share a screenshot of the situation?

Correct, the browser is always open. I keep it like this to avoid having to login. Below you can see a screenshot:

So the macro runs each 5 minutes in a computer that has no user interference while the macro is supposed to be running. Sometimes it’s not monitored. When the windows scheduler triggers the macro, a new tab in this browser is instantly opened and UI Vision is launched. This tab is immediately closed (automatically) once the macro starts, so the active tab becomes the one that was active before the trigger.

As I mentioned, this works fine when I test it. It also works for several times when it’s triggered by the windows scheduler, but at some point this errors happen at the very beginning, compromising all the following executions as well.

Ulrich - do you know a reliable way to solve this problem please?

When I encounter this problem, I have had some sucess with switching to a different tab and then switching back to the one I wanted to work on. It is almost like it loses focus to a hidden tab and you have to bring it back. This often works for me. I would try it and if it doesn’t work then sorry for the distraction