Error #103 To test suites from local file, enable it in UI vision RPA setting first

This error appears when you run a cron job after a day.


“test suites”?

Do you mean the “folders as test suite” feature, or the old deprecated test suites?

So if you run the crone job e. g. every hour, then all works ok? That would be a surprising issue.

What I have posted is the error which appeared. I dont know what test suites the error talks about. Also, when this error appears, the macros that I had written and were working fine the earlier day disappear. Now since I have taken a backup, I have to restore them, and then everything works fine.

However, since I want to run this as a cron job, the above process of fixing the problem is no good for me.


But if you use hard drive mode, the macros are stored directly on your hard drive (and not inside the RPA software!). How can they disappear? Are the JSON files really gone?

The macros are present on the hard drive but not in the browser plugin, so the macro gives an error.
So, I have to do a restore of the macros. This is even when I put the plugin in the hard drive mode.
I have raised the issue here. Please go through the entire thread.

As I mentioned, the plugin moves from the hard drive mode to the local storage mode by itself.


In hard-drive mode, there is no need to restore/backup the macros, as they are safely on the hard-drive. If you are in browser storage mode, just switch to hard-drive mode, and the macros will be there.

the plugin moves from the hard drive mode to the local storage mode by itself.

This seems to be the key issue => I asked you some questions about this issue here: UI vision plugin reverts back to local storage mode - #10 by admin